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Know Your Apps, June 6th 2013

You can use it for all sorts of good and your imagination is the limit on this one. It’s an interesting idea that very much depends on the effort you put into it. Use it wisely and you’ll never forget the milk again.

Mac|Life, Shopster Review, April 4th 2013

With an iPhone in my pocket, a trip to the grocery store isn't nearly as unpleasant as it used to be. Thanks to a slew of advanced features that have made my lists smarter and more powerful, I've learned how to save money at checkout and dramatically cut down on the return trips I used to make after forgetting to pick something up. Shopster wants to make the experience even easier. By eschewing common features like iCloud syncing, virtual aisles, and barcode scanning, Shopster focuses on what's most important: What you need to buy and where you need to buy it.

TUAW, New and notable apps for iOS and OS X - April 4 edition, April 4th 2013

Gizmodo, App of the day, April 3rd 2013

Almost everyone's been there at some point or another: after lugging armfuls of newly purchased groceries home, you put everything away only to realize you've forgotten the one item you actually needed. A minor problem, maybe, but near-infuriating, nonetheless. Fortunately, Shopster can help.

Shopster : la liste de courses géolocalisée, April 2nd 2013

Quadion Technologies entend réinventer à nouveau la liste des courses, mais avec cette fois-ci l’angle plutôt original de la géolocalisation. Le principe est simple : créez une liste avec tout ce que vous devez acheter et allez simplement faire vos courses. À chaque fois que vous achetez un produit, cochez-le dans l’application qui identifie en même temps votre position actuelle et l’associe avec le produit acheté.

AppAdvice, App Of The Week, April 1st:

Looking for a grocery list app that will help you keep track of where to go to buy things? Then Shopster will help you out by doing just that.

Digital Trends, Best Apps of the Week, March 31st:

Grocery shopping is never as easy as it probably should be. You run out of the same stuff on a regular basis, yet you’re still constantly making a list to remember the things that you buy every time you go to > the store. Shopster would like to help you out with that problem. It will learn your grocery list as you enter it and will start automatically generating lists with your common items on them, as well as where you prefer to buy them from. It will basically act as the responsible, sensible shopper that you pretend to be.

Shopster: la lista della spesa… geolocalizzata!, March 30th 2013:

A prima vista, Shopster può sembrare una normale app per gestire la lista della spesa, ed in effetti lo è se si decide di sfruttare solo questa funzione. In realtà, questa applicazione offre anche un sistema di geolocalizzazione molto interessante.

AppAdvice, March 29th 2013:

There’s a new grocery list app in town, and it promises to make grocery shopping around town much easier with its flagship feature. It’s called Shopster, and it’s touted as a “geo-learning” grocery list app.

TUAW, March 28th 2013:

Shopster is perfect for the person who shops at multiple nearby stores. You will be reminded to stop at the whole foods market for your veggies, the bakery for your bread and the butchers for your meat.

Gigaom, March 28th 2013:

The design of the app is simple and cheerful. There are just a few screens: one for your items you’ve said you need to buy, one for items you’ve previously purchased, and another that shows you the stores you’ve frequently purchased a specific item at on a map.

The Loop, March 28th 2013:


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